Showers and Wet Rooms

A dictionary will tell you that a shower is a brief and usually light fall of rain, which is something we all know about!

But when it comes to the shower in our bathroom … well, that is an entirely different experience altogether. Controlling the power and temperature of the shower to suit our needs can make it warm, gentle and soothing, or exhilarating, refreshing and revitalising to our senses.

Whether we are under a shower-head over the bath, in a shower cubicle, or a walk-in wet room, for many of us an invigorating shower is the best way to start off the day on the right foot.

Bespoke showers enable you to squeeze a shower in to your home, where it would not previously have been possible. We can have a specially shaped shower enclosure manufactured for you, so that you can fit a shower into an odd shaped space or corner, which would not otherwise be accessible

The choice of showers is huge and technology does not stand still for very long, so we make sure that we keep completely up to date with what’s out there. That means we can help you to make the right choice.

Pop in for a cup of coffee and a no obligation chat about walk-in showers, cubicles, screens, bespoke showers, digital shower valves, modern and traditional shower units.


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